… for carers/families of those affected by mental illness

About Us

Our current staff all have relevant lived experience of severe mental illness. It’s this that has generated the drive and passion necessary to work in a difficult field and allows us to share our insight and experience with our service users

Our Board of Trustees are mainly carers who have used our service and have clear understanding of the needs of others. Their expertise and feedback on operational matters offers invaluable and reliable input.

Meet The Team…

We are the people managing the day-to-day activities including; taking referrals, talking on the phone or meeting up with carers, running carer support groups/workshops to provide support and information.



“My name is John, I am the founder and manager of Connect Support.

My family and I went through the difficulties of witnessing the onset of mental illness in a loved-one. As a result, I decided to pursue a new career in mental health. I have worked in both the voluntary sector as well as the NHS setting up and delivering services to support carers/families for many years.

I set up Connect Support in 2005 to provide a range of evidence-based services.


Assistant Manager

“Hi I’m Lisa, assistant manager with Connect Support.

I am also a carer for my adult daughter who has severe mental health issues so I can empathise with other unpaid, family carers and understand their challenges.

I discovered Connect Support after attending their carer support group meetings some years ago. Following this I became a volunteer before moving into part-time employment with the organisation.”


Carer Support Worker

“Hi I’m Nina, I joined Connect Support in January 2021 as a Carer/Family Support Worker.

I formerly worked for 25 years as a family law solicitor and mediator, but after a breakdown and period in hospital, decided to change career to work with carers/families of those affected by severe mental illness.

My role is to provide emotional support, education and information as well as running our carer support group meetings.